BostonFIG 2017: Booth Preparation

Boston FIG 2017 will be my first board gaming convention and I have a fluctuating amount of excitement, nerves, and anticipation for the event. While I expect this will be a truly new and unique experience for me, I am eager to see how this event will compare to many of the science conferences I have attended. Whether preparing a prototype for a game festival or a poster for a science conference, serious preparation is key. This blog entry will focus on several areas of focus for BostonFIG 2017 all centered around…

Booth Preparation

Tackling all of the preparations necessary for a successful booth at a Game Festival can seem (and may very well be) daunting. Conveniently, BostonFIG 2017 has a pretty comprehensive 2017 Exhibitor Kit that provides lots of valuable information on the festival booth preparation, logistics, facilities, etc. Regardless of your festival/conference, be sure to inquire about any documents/materials that can assist you in preparing appropriately. After reading through the Exhibitor Kit I was able to organize my booth preparation into discrete subcategories with brief descriptions and corresponding action items. Below I discuss the subcategories for: Game, Poster, and Newsletter Subscription.


Description: The most important part of your booth at a game festival is…your game. This may seem obvious at first, but when you start to think about all the other things your booth should or could have, it can very quickly become lost in the shuffle. For example, when I first organized this list of subcategories, my game was listed…last. Do not lose sight of what is the most important part of your booth.

Action Items:

-Make six individual prototypes of my game.

-Organize all six prototypes with ziplock bags and rubber bands.

-Make six card boxes for the prototypes labeled with the Gut Instinct logo.  



Description: This will be the key visual and info graphic for my booth. The goal of the poster is to provide the most essential information about my company and game to festival attendees in 30 seconds or less. It will contain the logo for Best Coast Games, the logo for Gut Instinct, my website, and possibly how to play my game in three bullet points. As for the poster material itself, I highly recommend ordering a fabric poster instead of a conventional paper one. Fabric posters are just (if not more) affordable, are washable, easier to transport, and best of all…can be worn as a cape after the festival #capes.

Action Items:

-Make a fabric poster with the most essential company and game information.

-Add creative and fun graphics.

-Order a fabric poster. I use, but there are many options out there.


Newsletter Subscription

Description: One of the key goals of attending BostonFIG 2017 is to create community for Gut Instinct and Best Coast Games. To ensure interested attendees can stay engaged days, weeks, and months after the conference, having a streamlined process for joining the newsletter is crucial. I will have one to two computers available for easy subscription access at the booth.

Action Items:

-Bring one to two computers and their power cords.

-Set-up an excel doc with first name, last name, and e-mail.

-Offer Mail Chimp subscription as backup option only (festival wifi may be unreliable).