New Year's Resolutions for 2018

I hope everyone had a great end to 2017! Those last couple weeks of December are always filled family, fun, and eggnog, but not necessarily in that order, haha. One thing that my family usually does (but we completely missed this year) is sharing our New Year's Resolutions with each other. I like the tradition because 1) my family definitely holds me accountable, 2) it helps put my year in perspective, and 3) it is a great opportunity to tell jokes . Fortunately, this blog can help achieve those very same outcomes,  so without further ado....


Resolution #1: Publish My Paper

This isn't a game related resolution, but nevertheless a very important one. I am in the final stages of writing a manuscript (about neutrophil migration during S. pneumoniae infection) with my advisor and can hopefully we submit after a couple more rounds of revision. Yes, it has taken longer than we anticipated, but now that the end is in sight, it is all the more exciting. As far as game resolutions are concerned...


Resolution #2: Launch the Gut Instinct Kickstarter

Yes, I know, a big surprise. However, considering it was a (very ambitious resolution) New Year's Resolution last year, I am excited to have it back on my list with a far more feasible schedule. The Kickstarter campaign is currently slated to start in late April, however Kickstarter Guru Jeremy Stonemaier advices against holding yourself to artificial deadlines if the project is not ready. Either way, I am confident I am checking this one off the list this year as long as I properly execute my Kickstarter prep, which includes...


Resolution #3: Updating this Blog a minimum of once a week

This resolution will really push me. Setting up this website (another 2017 resolution) was a big step forward, but unfortunately I was not ready for regular blog posts. I have spent some time reflecting on how to make sure I do consistent, regular updates and think following three basic steps will be a huge help:

1. Do not be too ambitious with post length (i.e. max 5 paragraphs) or with post schedule (i.e. the reason this resolution is not "Update this Blog 3 times a week")

2. Write posts at home. This is tricky because sometimes I am en route to meet friends or at lab late, but establishing a firm division between social life, my work, and my blog, will be very helpful in getting me in the "blog writing zone".

3. Make THIS a game. I love games. This seems so obvious now. Post once a week for 50/52 weeks to win. Let's Do This.