Bonus Material

Check here for behind the scenes extras on the game development process, cool science photos, bad science jokes, and so much more!


BFIG 2017 Video Submission

This was my video submission for this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games. While I was not selected for the tabletop showcase, I received a lot of valuable feedback on what the festival curators were looking for in the video submission. I have learned a lot from the entire process and think it has been invaluable in pushing my game to the next level. 

White Blood Cells Being Awesome!

Throughout my research career I have always loved studying the microbial combat between white blood cells and bacteria. For me, this is the scientific equivalent to the "Action Scenes" in movies like Gladiator or Lord of the Rings. This video is an excellent example of my favorite white blood cell (called a neutrophil) killing bacteria by cell eating (aka phagocytosis).