Meet The Cells

There are three different categories of cells in Gut Instinct. Each group of cells has a unique role in the game, which reflects their distinct real life functions in the human gut.

white blood cells.png

White Blood Cells

These cells are a key part of the human immune system and fight invading bad bacteria. Both Gut Instinct and your body feature three distinct white blood cells: neutrophils, macrophages, and dendritic cells. 

Bad Bactera.png

Bad Bacteria

These cells invade the human body and cause a wide range of mild to deadly human diseases. In Gut Instinct you may encounter a wide range of bad bacteria including E. coliV. cholerae, Salmonella Enterica, and C. difficile.  Hopefully your human gut does not encounter these in real life!

GooD bacteria.png

Good Bacteria

These cells help the human body digest food and aid in the development of a strong immune system. Less than a decade ago, very little was known about these good bacteria, but thanks to major advances in scientific research we are now gaining significant insights into the roles and functions of these good bacteria. While many of their exact identities remain unknown, species in the Bacteroides, Lactobacilli, and Enteroccocus generas are thought to have important positive impacts on human gut health.